Ms. Heartburn (Ms.Pac-Man Hack)

I can’t believe I stumbled upon this but did! It was a rom hack of Ms.Pac-Man I did years ago. A long time ago a company called Two Bit Score made a Ms.Pac-Man hack called Heartburn which I thought looked cool but didn’t want to pay for it and I figured making a free version of it out on the internet would be cool. I don’t even remember the tool I used to be honest but I know it’s mine due to the screwed up animation when you move the flame upwards 🙂 Maybe I’ll fix that someday and release an update haha. Also the food items are different in my version than in the Two Bit Score one, as well as the dots i believe.

Anyhow… To play it you need Misfit Mame or HBMame. Throw it in the roms directory of either and you should be able to run it. It’s not an amazing hack by any means but it’s cool to me that something I did as a kid is still floating around the internet when I didn’t even bother to keep a copy. Very cool! Now if I could only find my lost MegaZeux games…

Download my version of Ms. Heartburn by clicking here.


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